Hardly any other product group illustrates the diversity and functionality of technical textiles more impressively than high-performance composites. Textile forms teamed with resin systems develop greater strength than materials like metal or wood but are much lighter. Their minimal weight, excellent fatigue resistance, chemical stability and corrosion-free qualities make composites the material of choice in aircraft and boat construction, where every gram saved reduces energy requirements and costs.

Sporting gear such as skis, surfboards and hockey sticks also have composite fabrics worked into them to enhance their rigidity and stiffness. Carbon composites, due to their permeability to radiation, are ideally suited for use in surgical devices. Orthopedic specialists also rely heavily on prosthetics made of carbon fibers. Textiles made of reinforcement fibers are now standard materials in mechanical engineering applications such as wind turbines, Formula 1 racing cars and ICE trains.

Fascinating new applications for composite materials are constantly opening up new markets to vom Baur. Tapes and sleeves for plastic reinforcement made from carbon, aramid, glass and hybrids are now woven on the looms. Helping our customers develop new composite products is one of the particular strengths of the vom Baur team.

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