Modern and sustainable new building


vombaur is moving to new head offices in 2023

The construction of a state-of-the-art headquarters sees us invest in the future of our company. In a future that is not only architecturally impressive: the new building on the almost 20,000 square meter site in Wuppertal Nächstebreck opens up many new possibilities for us. Customers and the environment will also benefit from the 12-million investment.

Optimal process flows

A modern company headquarters with 1,000 square meters for administration and 9,000 square meters for production: many things will be simplified at the new location, not only because there is more space than before. “We put all processes to the test and defined the ideal for each case. Thanks to the new building, we can implement these ideal processes because we have already integrated them into the planning,” as COO Christoph Schliefer explains. The production lines in the air-conditioned halls will be optimally arranged, and the entire logistics situation will be far simpler. Added to this is the favourable connection to public transport and the A1 and A46 motorways.

Location for research and development

The technical centre at the new site is also forward-looking. With its special facilities, it offers space and technology for researching into and developing the narrow textiles of the future – for vombaur and JUMBO-Textil, our affiliated company in Sprockhövel. Our development teams will bring their narrow textiles expertise together here and pass it on to the next generation, driving innovations and inspiring one another. “The technical centre will enable us to carry out even more intensive textile technology research of our own and to enter into exciting cooperative ventures with other institutions. As a specialist development partner for such demanding sectors as aircraft construction or the food industry, we are particularly looking forward to this,” says Schliefer. Our 80 vombaur employees can look forward to a number of other positives: state-of-the-art workplaces in an attractive and comfortable new building, a company fitness room, an attractive cafeteria with a large patio and a view of the countryside.

Sustainable new building planning

Responsibility for nature plays a central role for us. The plans for the new building are embedded in the company’s comprehensive sustainability strategy. Green roofs and solar systems are a must-have. And the plans for the interior design and outdoor facilities always take sustainability aspects into account.

The schedule is set. And it won’t be long before the new buildings are up and running: vombaur will be building in 2022 and moving into its new production facility in 2023. An enormous gain for us, the environment – and for all customers.

Spacious, bright, comfortable – the new vombaur building is architecturally based on the headquarters of sister company JUMBO-Textil in Sprockhövel.

Photo top: Martin Bergsma, shutterstock / Photo bottom: JUMBO-Textil

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