Process-assured and durable: Filter sleeves and narrow textiles for fabricating filter media

The unique machinery at our weaving mill makes this possible: our round weaving process produces seamless filter sleeves.

Seamless filter, support and heat-shrink tubulars

For filtering oil and water, our woven tubulars offer numerous advantages over ready-made tubes: our seamless tubular woven fabrics have identical surface properties all around. Flow behaviour, resilience, shrinkage behaviour, material thickness – our filter textiles possess these central properties over the entire surface of the tubular. Functional differences, seam contours or welding seams in longitudinal direction, undesirable breakage points, expensive wear and tear – all this is a thing of the past.

Narrow textiles for assembling filter media

Reinforcing edges, covering seams, dissipating static charge, stabilising star filters … – Our tapes and belts perform indispensable tasks in the assembly of filter media from woven, felt and non-woven fabrics.

They perform: filtration wovens by vombaur

  • Uniform filtration properties
  • Low wear
  • Solid/liquid separation
  • Maximum process safety
  • Suitable for drinking water
  • Standards-compliant specifications
  • Made of high-strength fibres
  • Stretched
  • Printed

Numerous applications in a wide variety of industries

  • Drinkwater industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction of sewage treatment plants
  • Filter plants and chemical apparatus engineering
  • Oil filters for chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Offshore industry
  • Mining
  • Automotive industry
  • Marine industry
  • and many more

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