Tapes, belts, seamless woven tubulars

Indispensable: Our seamlessly woven high-tech narrow textiles keep production processes in industry running smoothly. Safe. Uniform. Long-term.

Your application – our development: customized technical textiles

They convey, reinforce, pull, protect people and materials against cuts and UV radiation: in numerous industrial applications narrow textiles made of synthetic and metallic fibres fulfil decisive tasks. Due to their particular resilience and specific properties, our seamlessly woven, tailor-made woven sleeves, tapes and belts are used especially in critical functions.

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Round woven tubulars in geo-textiles

ndestructible: Our seamless woven tubulars are filled with minerals and used in bore holes and building pits. They absorb moisture and thus help to drain the terrain.

Continuous conveyor belts

Constant material thickness, uniform surface, incredible durability: continuous conveyor belts made of round woven tubulars offer optimum running properties – all around and over the entire length.

Coating belts

No excess thickness: disturbing seams and bulges are a thing of the past with our round woven tubulars as coating carriers.

Heat shrink sleeves

Precise and uniform: the high-shrink versions of our seamless woven tubulars ensure constant shrinkage of the sleeves in the circumferential direction and a homogeneous frictional connection.

Hem-stitched belts

Reliable: Our hem stitched belts have precisely definable properties – ideal as an assembly aid for the production of continuous conveyor belts, among other things.

Load-bearing belts

Extremely resilient, extremely safe: the strength and elongation behaviour of our load belts are precisely defined. For high performance belts with uniform tensile behaviour under load.

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