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Composite textiles for sport and leisure

On the water or the ski slope, on the running track or the tennis court, on the mountain bike course or the Formula 1 circuit – when people are out and about doing sport, vombaur is often there. Our textiles are often the basis for composites in modern sports equipment.

High-strength, super lightweight and a perfect fit

Whether in a rowing boat or with a tennis racket in hand, on running prostheses, a high-tech bicycle or in a racing car: recreational and professional athletes want to concentrate on their sporting challenge. This requires absolutely reliable technology. The components of the devices have to be high-strength, super-light and fit precisely. Fiber-reinforced plastics are therefore used in almost all sports equipment.

Stretchable: elastic tube made of carbon

Tapes and molded fabrics for special requirements

We develop our composite textiles specifically for your project. The tapes and 3D fabrics can withstand the highest loads, even with special requirements, and are very durable. Thanks to special technology, we at vombaur can also weave seamlessly round. 3D fabrics from star profiles to hollow chamber structures – almost any shape can be produced: There are almost no limits for the design and development teams. We can offer a special band for a tennis racket as well as a special profile for a running prosthesis or a unique spiral weave for bicycle rims.

Natural fiber-based and recyclable

In addition to carbon fibers, natural fibers are increasingly being used in composites: vombaur offers tapes, tubes and 3D textiles for composites made from flax. The industry is increasingly focusing on the development of a recyclable plastic matrix. This opens up more possibilities for highly sustainable lightweight components.

Seamless: tubular fabric with carbon wings

„Our technical textiles are used in many sports and leisure equipment. Fiber-reinforced composites are real shape wonders. As a development partner, we support your project right from the start and can make a lot of things possible,” explains Sales Manager Johannes Kauschinger. “This means that athletes can fully rely on their sports equipment – and concentrate on their sporting goals.“

Sustainable: woven ribbon made from flax in twill weave

Illustrations and photos: vombaur

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