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Filtration textiles by vombaur for filtering microplastics

From the Arctic deep sea to Alpine mountain peaks: microplastics – plastic particles smaller than 5 millimetres – are now polluting people, animals and the environment almost everywhere in the world. Some of these microscopically small plastic particles, known as primary microplastics, are produced as microplastics – for example as friction particles in cosmetics. The larger share, the “secondary microplastics”, is created through the use or decomposition of plastic products.

Ideal partner for developing microplastics filters

Wherever possible, microplastics need to be filtered out of our water cycle. vombaur helps achieve this: as a specialist for seamless round woven filtration textiles, we are the ideal partner for custom microplastics filters.

No unwanted break points, low wear: seamless, round woven filter tubulars for microplastics filters

Precise filtration performance and high load capacity all around

Multi-layer filters are ideal for filtering microplastics. Filter tubulars by vombaur are the ideal choice here because they do not have any seams or welds. The material thickness – and therefore also the filtration performance – is identical all round – even in curves and at edges. Besides this, our seamless filter tubulars offer greater load capacity and burst strength which means a longer service life than ready-made woven tubulars with a seam. The uniform surface of our round woven high-tech textiles ensures high precision micro-filtration performance all around.

Depending on the type and use of the filter and the properties required in each case, vombaur woven textiles made of materials such as polyester or polypropylene are a good choice. But we also manufacture woven filtration textiles from other high-performance yarns for our customers in the food, electronics, chemical and other industries.

From filtration robots to microplastic filters

“Whether this be industrial filter systems, filtration robots, external microplastic filters on washing machines or laundry bags – there is already a whole range of technologies for microplastic filtration”, as Gert Laarakker, Senior Sales Manager at vombaur explains. “We are happy to support our customers with a wide range of filtration solutions through our individually developed seamless round woven filtration textiles. And always with the aim of reducing microplastics in our environment”.

Particularly durable with all around precision: multi-layer microplastic filter tubulars

Photos and illustrations: vombaur

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