They came, looked, felt – and celebrated


vombaur at JEC in Paris

It was a party! For three days, the international lightweight construction world celebrated the “festival of composites”: the JEC in Paris.

We were – of course – there and had our seamless solutions with us: seamless round or shaped woven narrow textiles for lightweight components in a wide range of industries and for numerous applications.

Seamless and sustainable

Our seamless solutions are free of joints and therefore extremely resilient. A number of conversations revolved around the high strength of the seamless circular and shaped woven textiles. Our narrow textiles made from resource-saving raw materials were particularly well received: Composite textiles made of the natural fiber flax, for example, can be completely biodegradable, depending on which material is used as the matrix.

Many thanks to everyone who celebrated with us! We look forward to the projects that have emerged from the discussions – and already to the next Composites Festival!

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