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Seamless round woven geotextiles by vombaur

Textiles are indispensable in the construction industry: geotextiles stabilise the soil, protect against erosion, filter, and drain. Drainage is generally used to protect buildings or agricultural land from waterlogging. Textile filling tubulars are regularly used for this purpose. The tubulars are filled with minerals and – temporarily or permanently depending on the requirements – sunk in shafts or construction pits, where they absorb the moisture and thus ensure the drainage of the terrain.

Heavy load, tough requirements

Geotextiles need to comply with extremely tough requirements. The tubulars must prevent the penetration of soil particles into the interior of the tubular while at the same time being sufficiently water permeable to absorb the moisture. They are permanently exposed to moisture and have to withstand considerable physical forces – from the soil on the outside and from the minerals inside.

No seam, no undesirable breakage points

This explains why civil engineers often use seamless woven filling sleeves by vombaur: because our woven geotextiles have high tensile strength and their flow rate can be precisely controlled by the choice of weaving technique. And because seamless round woven sleeves have no fabrication seam in the longitudinal direction, our filling tubulars are extremely stable and durable. After all, the longitudinal seam is a particular weak point in fabricated geotextiles.

High-performance textiles from your development partner

As a development partner, we at vombaur select the raw material, material type and weaving technique for each project to reflect the actual mechanical, chemical and thermal requirements. Because not all geotextiles are the same. A filling tubular for a bridge construction project in southern Spain has to meet different requirements than a drainage tubular as part of a dyke construction project on the North Sea coast. This is why we process different synthetic and metallic yarns in our woven tubulars, depending on the application, but always high-performance materials – for seamless drainage solutions.

Extremely stable, extremely durable: Seamless round woven geotextiles by vombaur

Indestructible: Seamless round woven geotextiles by vombaur

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • High cut resistance
  • High burst strength
  • Uniform shrinkage behaviour
  • Uniform material thickness – also on curvatures and edges
  • Uniform flow rate
  • No undesirable breakage points due to seam or weld contours in longitudinal direction
  • Long service life and low wear


Photos: vombaur

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