Kundenspezifisch definierte Bänder für die Konfektion von Filtermedien

Seamless tubular filters, reliable filtering process, clean results


Filtration textiles by vombaur

Separation technology is as old as mankind. The ancient Egyptians already filtered their drinking water with porous clay vessels. The best technology available has been refined for 3,000 years. As measuring technology has advanced and measurement results have become more sophisticated, people’s expectations of filtration results have grown, while filtrate purity limit values have become more stringent.

Seamless round woven tubes: reliable solid/liquid filtration

From oil filtration for the automotive industry or the navy through to filtration processes in the foods and chemicals industries: the filtration process is all about the need to separate smaller and smaller particles. Doing so requires first-class filtration systems – and absolutely reliable filtration media. Such as seamless round woven tubular filters by vombaur. Flow rate, loading capacity, shrinkage behaviour or material thickness – vombaur textiles have identical surface properties over the entire circumference. Seamless round woven filtration textiles by vombaur do not have seams, bulges or break points capable of impairing or interrupting the filtration process. The seamless tubes ensure uniform filtration properties without interruption all around – and this means maximum process assurance.

Round woven tubular filters by vombaur meet the strict quality requirements for filtration in the food industry.

High-tech products for high-tech processes

Filter media by vombaur have precisely defined properties – reflecting the specific project requirements.

High-tech materials are woven on unique weaving systems to create individually specified, high-performance filter media on unique facilities. These materials are also suitable for food filtration. Depending on the filtration requirements, the base material and binding are adapted for the best possible results.

Sophisticated vombaur textiles for ship building: multiple layers of tubular supports and filters for oil filters

No seam, clean filtrate

Benefits of filtration textiles by vombaur:

  • Clean solid/liquid separation
  • Uniform filtration properties
  • Maximum process safety
  • Suitable for drinking water
  • Food safe
  • Standards-compliant specifications
  • Low wear

Development partner for unique filtration textiles

Whether seamless round woven tubular filters or woven tapes for fabricating filter media, the specific requirement drives the product development. “As a development partner to industry, we always cooperate in a close exchange with our customers,” as Senior Sales Manager Gert Laarakker emphasises. “Woven fabric type, weaving technique and finishing, we develop the best possible solution driven by what a filter medium needs to achieve. This is how we ensure that our customers receive a filtration medium that is a perfect fit for their project all-around: a seamless solution.”

Reliability and precision for demanding filtration processes with round woven filtration textiles by vombaur


Illustrations and photos: vombaur GmbH

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