Composite textiles for modern mobility


Extremely lightweight, high tensile components by vombaur

In the snow, on a plane, in an electric vehicle or on a bicycle: no matter where and how we are on the road – composite textiles by vombaur ensure that we make good progress. With materials that are both extremely light and extremely reliable.

Lightweight components for modern mobility

Modern mobility relies on high-tech lightweight components. Our textiles are woven from high performance fibres. On looms that are specially made for particularly demanding composite textiles: we use special machines to produce high-tech woven tapes with closed selvedges and elasticated UD tubulars that retain their 0° orientation over the entire length of the component – regardless of the diameter. Since they do not exhibit undesired break points caused by seams or welding, they not only have a particularly high bursting strength, they are also extremely reliable and durable.

High tensile components and round woven UD tubulars with elasticated weft

Challenging applications

“From snowboards to aerospace – the applications for our composite textiles are demanding; the mechanical, chemical and thermal requirements are extreme,” explains COO Christoph Schliefer. “As a development partner, we at vombaur are therefore often involved in product development at an early stage. We specify our woven tapes and tubulars individually for each project to suit the specific task at hand.”

No compromises in terms of quality and safety: composite textiles by vombaur are used in demanding applications.

High quality raw materials, wide variety of geometries

The variety of shapes is virtually unlimited. we manufacture 3D fabrics for composites in individual special shapes from carbon, aramid, glass or hybrids. Curves, edges, tubulars, spiral fabrics – the shape of our 3D fabrics, like the material itself, depends entirely on the task at hand. Powder or non-woven coatings create additional important properties.

A perfectly fitting shape for each application: profiles in T, double T or star shape, hollow chamber structures and omega profiles by vombaur

Pioneering tech tex

„Developments in the field of modern mobility are happening at a rapid pace,” emphasizes Schliefer. “With our composite textiles for extremely lightweight and high tenacity components, we at vombaur are also pushing these developments forward.“

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