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Exciting exchange at CITEXT in France

Seamless round-woven filter tubulars for the food industry, continuous conveyor belts with smart properties for use in plant engineering, special woven tapes made of biodegradable textile materials for use in lightweight engineering, and much more. The products and applications of our seamless round- or shape-woven textiles offer plenty of fuel for talks. And that’s exactly what the CITEXT contact fair in Troyes on the Seine in France is all about: personal contact.

Intensive talks at the international contact fair

For two days, we met up with prospects, customers and suppliers from a wide range of industries at pre-arranged meetings. An excellent opportunity to establish contacts and get to know each other. We exchanged detailed information about our respective requirements and potential solutions in more than 20 talks.

“We are a development partner for filtration, composites and industrial textiles. Its scope for an intensive professional exchange makes CITEXT a format that suits us well. After all, in order to develop our customised solutions, we need to know our customers well and our customers need to know us well,” as our Senior Sales Manager, Gert Laarakker, explains.

A great thank you to our guests and discussion partners for their time and interest. We are looking forward to further exchanges and everything that develops from them!

At CITEXT, we presented our company and our individual solutions – for example, a customised, round-woven 6-chamber profile made of carbon for lightweight engineering, or a specially developed toothed belt for industrial use.

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